Limestone Flea Market Vendors Battle for Space at Farmers Market

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The Limestone County commissioners want the flea market vendors out of their farmers markets.

According to officials, the farmer’s market in Athens is strictly for homegrown produce such as tomatoes, green beens and corn. These items are not taxed at the market.

However, venders whom are selling clothes, jewelry and yard sale merchandise are classified under a state sales tax law.

The yard sale vendors say they are not in the way and only four farmers, on average, show up to the market.

“I see nothing wrong with us selling the stuff down here,” says Edna Garrett, flea market vendor. “There’s people who come every week just to talk with us.”

County Commission Chairman Stanely Menefee said eventually the city or state is going to come in.

For now, farmers and flea market venders share the same space.

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