Limestone County Sheriff reacts to “senseless” police officer deaths in Dallas and Baton Rouge

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. — Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely reacted to recent police officer deaths around the country, calling for leaders “to seek truth over personal gain,” in a Facebook post on Sunday.

Blakely described the officer deaths in both Dallas and Baton Rouge as “senseless.”

Five Dallas police officers were killed in an ambush July 7 at a Black Lives Matter protest. The protests were in response to two recent fatal police shootings of black men: Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

A gunman killed three Baton Rouge police officers July 17 — just 12 days after Sterling was fatally shot there.

Blakely called on President Obama and every other leader who he said has “made uninformed or presumptuous incendiary statements about law enforcement,” to retract their statements and apologize for a rush to judgement in incidents where suspects have been killed by law enforcement.

Blakely wrote that he cannot stand by silently as other officers are murdered. He also added that there’s an “emotional rush to judgement” in every officer-involved shooting, often times before “critical relevant facts are known about each case.”

President Obama condemned the officer attacks in Louisiana and Minnesota.

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