Limestone County campaign sign vandalized, owner concerned

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – What appear to be bullet holes are splattered across a County Commission campaign poster in Limestone County.

District 4 incumbent Ben Harrison was shocked when he saw bullet holes in his campaign sign on Highway 99.

“It just saddens me that somebody would do this,” Harrison said.

A mixture of what looks like BB shots and a rifle shot cover the top right corner of the sign.

“It’s just one of these campaign things that you go through that you shouldn’t have to go through…but there are consequences is the thing,” Harrison said.

According to Stephen Young with the Limestone County Sheriff’s office, the laws are clear:

“People need to be reminded that signs are property,” Young said.

The item price and the amount of damage determines the consequence to the vandal. The damage is classified as a misdemeanor with a fine unless that item hits $500.

“If you get beyond that point, youre talking about possible felonies and jail time associated with that,” Young said.

Young said gun restrictions are more lax in the county, but if the guilty party is caught, they could face punishment for all the reasons Young says are common sense.

“You don’t shoot things that belong to other people, you don’t shoot into dangerous areas, you don’t shoot into dwellings and things like that,” he said.

Harrison said it is unacceptable to fire a weapon when many houses are just yards away.

“If we knew for a fact who did this, we would file charges, because this is dangerous. Somebody could get hurt. It’s just, it’s not funny,” Harrison said.

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