Letter from Limestone County Water & Sewer Authority ‘a formality’


LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. — Some residents in Limestone County received a letter from the Limestone County Water and Sewer Authority (LCWSA) titled “Monitoring Non-Compliance Notice.”

One part of the letter reads:

“The Limestone County Water System is required to monitor your drinking water for specific contaminants on a regular basis. Results of regular monitoring are an indicator of whether or not your drinking water meets health standards. During May 2020, we did not complete all required monitoring for total coliform bacteria and therefore cannot be sure of the quality of your drinking water during that time.”

News 19 spoke with Daryl Williamson, the CEO of LCWSA, who says the letter is simply a formality and residents have nothing to worry about.

“This letter is just a piece that we have to send out by the regulatory authority ADEM… and they make us send that out whenever you have any type of reporting violations,” said Williamson. “There’s no safety concerns with the water, there never has been through this whole pandemic event and through this last year, period.”

Because of COVID-19 during May 2020, some employees were quarantined during that time.

Williamson said to meet testing schedules, they took water samples a couple days early. Though the results came back clear, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management removed them since they were taken a few days early.

In the letter, it reads:

“As many businesses faced challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic, so did Limestone County Water and Sewer. During this time, workers were quarantined. To meet the testing schedules, these particular samples were taken four and five days early. The test results were normal. However, due to being early, they were removed from ADEM’s testing window. Our operators have been re-educated on the rules of testing to prevent this oversight from occurring again.”

Williamson says if there was ever a problem with the water, residents will be notified within 24 to 48 hours.

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