Leighton residents facing evacuation as flood waters rise


Flood waters inch closer to Leighton mobile homes

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LEIGHTON, Ala. - Residents on Old Highway 20 in Leighton can only watch as flooded fields start to reach nearby mobile homes and houses.

"You start to worry about tomorrow. And Thursday, it's just going to continue to get worse," said Sheree White as she looked back at her mobile home.

The water is overrunning White's property. She can't back out her driveway and the water has started flowing under the home.

"When your inside, it sounds like something is sinking. Because the pressure of the water is just crushing the underneath," said White.

Several cars on White's property are submerged in water. They seem to be sinking. Her horses are also starting to lose their pasture. It's all starting to weigh heavily on White's shoulders.

"I worry about my septic tank, I worry about my grandparents getting out. I'm amazed at how much water has actually fallen," said White.

Thankfully, White has family that lives within walking distance. She has a plan and understands her home will likely be damaged with more rain and storms on the way.

"If something happens, we've got somewhere to go if we need to evacuate. But having grandparents who are disabled, I can't imagine if my grandfather has to walk back and forth," said White.

The last time the flooding was this bad, it took about three months to clean up the debris and wait for the ground to heal.

"If there's debris anywhere near the road, if someone throws out a cup…it's washing up to our front door," said White.

White hoped to have someone from Colbert County or Leighton help pump some of the water out of her yard. She was told the only way that was possible, was if the water breached over the highway.

White says the family planned to move the trailer to a different part of their family's property, but the rain delayed that move.

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