League of Women Voters of the Tennessee Valley use social media to attract young voters

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The League of Women Voters of the Tennessee Valley is aiming to reach some last-minute young voters, and they’re using Facebook, Youtube and other platforms to do it.

The group has been active throughout the campaign season, offering dozens of voters services events to help those with any questions relating to the process.

The organization has spent the past few weeks leading up to the election releasing election videos on their social media accounts, the last one being released today.

Sometimes cute, sometimes fun but always informative, they think this is the best way to reach those young voters who the organization’s president, Kathleen Leonard, says may be a little bit insecure going into such a big election.

“You see a lot of young people that don’t know what voting is all about or they’re afraid to make a decision. They’re afraid they’re going to get it wrong,” Leonard said.

Some videos walk voters through the process of what to do when they get to the polls. Others, like the final video released today, debunk common excuses for not voting.

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan organization, so members say they make sure these videos have all the elements a voter on either side of the aisle may need in order to feel comfortable and confident. Even if this is their first time going to the polls.

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