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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The League of Women Voters of the Tennessee Valley has been busy holding drive-though voter services clinics as both the municipal and general elections approach.

In Huntsville Saturday, residents jumped on the opportunity.

“It’s been really busy. We had people showing up early. They were here 30 minutes before we officially started. We probably helped with 50 different applications so far,” said Kathy Jones, of the LWV.

The LWV offered help with the following:

  • Voter registration
  • Absentee ballot applications
  • Witness absentee ballots
  • Voter rights restoration
  • voter information

Jones said they have seen a surge of residents starting the absentee ballot process. In Alabama, an absentee application only needs to be notarized or witnessed if somebody signs with a mark, such as an “x”.

“To be able to provide some kind of clarity and the ability to help them get their voting business done, without exposing them to illness. It’s very satisfying,” Jones said.

The League of Women Voters will have drive-through clinics over the next few weekends between 10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

  • Aug 29: Athens Public Library (603 S Jefferson)
  • Sept 12: Boys and Girls Club, Calvary (2901 Fairbanks)
  • Sept 26: Boys and Girls Club, Seminole (125 Earl Street)
  • Oct 3: Madison Public Library (142 Plaza Blvd)

If you have been contemplating updating your voting information or going the absentee route, the league has a message for you

“Right now there are a lot of issues in this world. Every person that votes has a say so in making a difference. If you don’t vote you basically give up your power and voice to someone else,” Jones said.

If you don’t feel comfortable mailing your absentee ballot, you can drop them off in person. In Madison County, for the municipal election, you can deliver it to the council building. For the general election, you take it to the courthouse.