US Senate Candidate Ron Crumpton discusses the important issues before the election on November 8th

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – On November 8th, voters will go to the polls and elect a new president of the United States, but that isn’t the only race on the ballot. Democratic candidate Ron Crumpton is running against long-time incumbent Richard Shelby and this week he stopped by WHNT News 19 to talk about why he should be elected.

Senator Richard Shelby has been in Washington representing Alabama for nearly 40 years, but Candidate Crumpton believes that won’t hurt his chances.  “That’s actually not that big of an issue,” claims Crumpton. “There’s more people in this race, or more people in this state that are interested in term limits.  That are not interested in having somebody spend 40-years in Washington and become what is referred to in politics as Washington-ized, to where he doesn’t really understand the needs of the people in his own state. You know that’s been obvious over the past few years, because we live in a state right now where 45-percent of single parents live in poverty. We’ve got 398,000 children receiving food stamps. We have the seventh highest rate of seniors living in poverty, but my opponent, he’s done nothing to address any of those issues. In fact, he sponsored the fewest number of bills of any Senator in Washington. He’s only sponsored seven in this two-year cycle. For the most part those are all aimed at making rich people richer, and poor people poorer. He wants to pass a flat tax which has been shown by numerous organizations to mean a two hundred thousand dollar a year tax break for the richest one percent, and basically everybody else would have to pay more. His trademark piece of legislation is the Regulatory Relief Act which is aimed at the banks and he says it’s to reduce the burdensome regulation on the small banks but everybody who looks at the legislation has determined that 90-percent of the bill would only apply to the ten to twelve of the largest banks in the country. So, he’s not doing anything for the people he represents, and I just think that’s shameful.”

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