U.S. Senate candidate Jonathan McConnell (R) goes over his plan for the 2016 campaign

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(WHNT) – The U.S. Presidential election campaign has received a lot of press lately, but it’s not the only election up for grabs. The race for the U.S. Senate is on with incumbent Richard Shelby (R) running for his sixth term against six other candidates. WHNT News 19 will be dedicating Leadership Perspectives to hearing from all of the candidates about their views on the issues. This week, Republican candidate Jonathan McConnell stopped by WHNT News 19 to let people know what his stance is.

Jonathan McConnell is running for Senate because he feels that we need a change, “We don’t have a conservative that’s representing us in Washington D.C.  We need a bold, we need bold conservative leaders in Washington D.C. representing us.  I’m a business owner, I run a business that’s a multi national Maritime security business that does a lot of work off the coast of Somalia.  I’ve been running that business for the last six and a half years. I know what it means to sign the front of the paycheck, not just the back of the paycheck.  Richard Shelby has been getting a government paycheck for 51 years.  What does he know about how Obamacare has killed the small business owner, and put the job creators out of business.  We need people with a fresh perspective up there, and Richard Shelby is not one of them.”

McConnell feels that his experiences as a businessman and a soldier qualify him to be our next Senator. ” if you look at me the fact that I have run a business. I’ve signed the front of a paycheck, not just the back of on. I know how to balance a budget. Our Congress does not know to balance a budget, they haven’t done one in years. And uh, when people ask what qualifications I have I say, I had enough qualifications to lead 67 marines into combat. 67 of America’s finest, America’s sons and America’s fathers on my first deployment, and then 149 on my second deployment. You know I think that gives me a perspective that Richard Shelby has never had. Richard Shelby has been in office, has been alive since World War Two and has never ever served in combat. So I think you look at our foreign policy and the fact that only three percent of our United States Congress has ever been in combat. that’s the reason we keep meddling in these wars overseas, and that’s got to stop.”

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