U.S. Senate candidate John Martin (R) speaks about the 2016 campaign

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(WHNT) – The U.S. Presidential election campaign has received a lot of press lately, but it’s not the only election up for grabs.  The race for the U.S. Senate is on with incumbent Richard Shelby (R) running for his sixth term against six other candidates.  WHNT News 19 will be dedicating Leadership Perspectives to hearing from all of the candidates about their views on the issues.  This week, Republican candidate John Martin stopped by WHNT News 19 to let people know what his positions are.

John Martin decided to run for the Senate seat because of “the situation our government is in now. You know, under Harry Reid it went seven years without a budget, and that’s against the Constitution, and we have a lethargic Senate now.  They’re old they’re tired and they’re worn out, and they’re not doing their job, not doing the job we put them there to do, not doing the job they’re constitutionally required to do.  As an officer in the United States Army, if I didn’t do my job, I’d be court martialed.  So in this case it’s time for Shelby to go, time for him to retire and time for new blood to get in.”

The people of Alabama have high expectations of what they want for a Senator.  John Martin feels that the people, “they want somebody who is going to go to Washington and is going to represent Alabama fairly, honestly and is going to do the work of the Senate, and the nation, is going to have a strong input on foreign policy.  In the case of my 40-years with the Army, I’ve traveled through 23 different countries, four continents.  I have a wealth of experience with other governments in some fashion.  They want their Senator to represent them across the nation and certainly with other states and that’ll be done.  It’ll be done for sure.  They want their Senator to provide leadership in the Senate, which obviously Jeff Sessions does but Richard Shelby does not, has not for some time.  So you’d think he’d use his seniority to provide leadership, but he doesn’t.”

View our entire conversation with John Martin (R) here in three parts:

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