U.S. Senate candidate Charles Nana (D) talks about campaign issues

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(WHNT) – The U.S. Presidential election campaign has received a lot of press lately, but it’s not the only election up for grabs.  The race for the U.S. Senate is on with incumbent Richard Shelby (R) running for his sixth term against six other candidates.  WHNT News 19 will be dedicating Leadership Perspectives to hearing from all of the candidates about their views on the issues.  This week, Democratic candidate Charles Nana stopped by WHNT News 19 to let people know how he stands.

What exactly qualifies a person to be a viable candidate to become a Unites States Senator?  Charles Nana thinks that his experience qualifies him to receive your vote. “I’m coming in with 25 years of solid experience in the private sector, turning sick companies around. So when companies are doing well and making money, they do not need somebody like me. now, when they’re not doing well, and in the sick-bed on the verge of bankruptcy, they bring in somebody like me to turn it around. Alabama is sick, the state is in a coma and we need to revive it, and turn it around and we need new leadership, and we can start that by scrapping that old and useless document we call Alabama constitution.”

Some people believe that Senator Shelby’s longevity in the Senate, his influence are reason enough to re-elect him to Washington.  Charles Nana feels that, “Senator, what have you done for us lately? He’s done nothing. All the guy is worried about is having the priciest dinner in the priciest hotels in New York City. He’s done nothing. Have you been to any counties? I was in Wilcox county, four children share one textbook in the state of Alabama. In developing countries, third world countries, children do not share textbooks. How do you expect these children to do in school? Now this is what Shelby should have done, and this is what I would do. The first thing you want to attract high-tech jobs into the state. Attracting high-tech jobs into the state, you have to invest in education, which he hates. He doesn’t want to invest in public schools, and unfortunately public schools have a disproportionate number of minorities and the poor.”

View our entire conversation with candidate Charles Nana(D), here in three parts:

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