State BOE member Mary Scott Hunter talks Alabama school system

Leadership Perspectives
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Mary Scott Hunter has been a member of the State Board of Education since 2011.

During our Leadership Perspectives interview with Hunter, she shared some ideas about the status of the education in Alabama.

“We’re a ‘B’ and that’s born out by our grading. Two years ago, actually about five years ago, the legislature voted to do school grading and that’s graded at the state level, the school level and the system level. And there are factors that go into it, but the one that I think we ought to be looking at is improvement. Benchmarks are important, reaching goals is important, but we constantly want to be improving. And our goal is college and career readiness for our graduates and that starts in kindergarten and is a process that goes until they graduate. And right now we’re doing better than we have been before but we still need to make improvement to make.”

You can watch our entire interview with Mary Scott Hunter below.

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