John Honeycutt, the manager of the Space Launch System (SLS) program at the Marshall Space Flight Center, joins Steve Johnson on Leadership Perspectives the morning of the Orion splashdown to what it took to get Artemis I to launch.

Artemis I is the uncrewed moon-orbiting mission to launch the SLS rocket carrying the Orion spacecraft. Honeycutt and his crew over at the Marshall Space Flight Center were largely responsible for that SLS rocket.

Honeycutt talks about the feelings surrounding the Artemis I launch for “engineers at heart” like himself, as well as the challenges that surrounded the launch and how challenges like that are handled.

He looks at what the team has learned as a result of the failures and successes of the launch, and how they can take that into the next launch project.

They also discuss the schedule for the launch of Artemis II and what part Honeycutt’s team will take in that.