Rep. Howard Sanderford making money for the state of Alabama

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Madison, Ala. (WHNT)- When Rep. Howard Sanderford (R) of District 20, was first elected in 1989, the Democrats held a House majority.  Things are quite a bit different these days with the Republicans holding a super majority.  He stopped at WHNT News 19 this week to reminisce about what it was like in the House in those days and what he hopes will happen in the upcoming session.  The budget, prison reform and the generation of revenue are all issues that have a pressing need to be resolved and with Alabama being hit hard by the recession, some resolutions are questionable.

Rep, Sanderford thinks that, “Alabama’s not really recovered from the recession, it will take years and we may never recover from it.  We didn’t realize those were the good years with a 6.8 billion dollar budget, now 900 million dollars less than we had seven years ago.”

There are many ways to generate revenue, but none more difficult than raising taxes.  Rep. Sanderford states, “There is no one in the legislature, well almost no one who is willing to raise property taxes.  Do we get a bargain on our property taxes?  Absolutely.  We would have to raise our property taxes per capita 3.3 times just to get to the national average.”  When Madison County put it to vote during past polls, the property tax increase was voted down two to one.

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