Parker Griffith: “I’m An Independent”

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Dr. Parker Griffith

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The government shutdown continues, and there’s no long-term deal on raising the debt ceiling.

This is the situation we’ve been in now for nearly two weeks.

Just like the rest of us, one-term 5th District Congressman Parker Griffith is watching the events in Washington, D.C.

Unlike us, though, Griffith went to Congress as a Democrat, and changed to the Republican Party while in office.

He wasn’t re-elected.  And now he’s changing parties again.

“You are a Republican.  Am I correct? Most recently you were a Republican?” WHNT News 19’s Steve Johnson asked Griffith.

“Well, that’s right, I’ve been in both parties,” replied Griffith. “I’ve seen them up close and personal.  Neither one of them are worth a damn.”

“So you’re not a Republican?” we asked.

“I’m an independent,” Griffith answered.

Griffith is our guest for this week’s Leadership Perspectives.  WHNT News 19’s Steve Johnson spoke with Griffith at length about the situation in Congress.

He has some interesting things to say about the men and women who are at odds right now in the nation’s capital.

You can watch the full conversation in these four segments on  The interview is certainly not dull.

Part 1 – Griffith on Congress: “It’s Infuriating They’re Getting A Paycheck
Part 2 – Griffith: Moderates Are Gone, Tea Party’s Now A Business
Part 3 – Griffith on the Debt Ceiling: Some in Congress “Don’t Get It”
Part 4 – Griffith: Average Voter’s Opinion Doesn’t Matter

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