LTG James Dickinson says protecting military space assets is critical to national defense

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It’s been said before. The first user of outer space for the United States was the Army, and it’s currently the largest user.

Lieutenant General James Dickinson is the Commander of the U.S. Space and Missile Defense Command at Redstone Arsenal. He will soon become Deputy Commander of the U.S. Space Command in Colorado.

He says the mission to protect the military’s ability to use space is critical.

“That really boils down to making sure what we do in space absolutely supports the war fighter, the soldier on the ground. So we’ve got a lot of satellites in space as you know that have very unique capabilities, and those capabilities are very important to the soldier on the ground. One of the jobs we do at SMDC is making sure that we connect the last tactical mile from space to the soldiers on the ground, because really the space assets we have today enable our soldiers to shoot move and communicate on the battlefield.

You can watch our full interview with LTG Dickinson below:

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