HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – John Meredith is the President of the Huntsville City Council. As the city of Huntsville grows, he explains what has gone on behind the scenes.

Meredith says that the growth has been phenomenal, saying it has brought top level industries and businesses to the area that provide well paying jobs for its citizens. Of course, he knows there are areas that the residents want to see a focus on, like regular trash collection, neighborhood street resurfacing and adding sidewalks.

Meredith, the District 5 representative, also knows that while the rest of the districts are on the same page, his constituents are a little further behind. With as many developments and communities that are beginning to form in the West, the lack of amenities — a fire station, EMS, recreational activities — are causing a lag.

You can hear more about District 5 and the city’s development in the full interview above.