Huntsville Mayor Candidate Ken Boyd discusses why he should be elected

Leadership Perspectives
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville is the leading city in North Alabama, so the person in the Mayor’s seat is especially important.  This week Mayor Candidate stopped WHNT News 19 to give his perspective about why he should be elected.

Every candidate has a vision for how Huntsville should be and how they would do things differently.  Ken Boyd says that “I think the way that we’ve gone out and used our resources, and leveraged that with the county’s resources, and the state’s resources to bring in Remington, and Polaris, GE, I think those are excellent examples of the way things should be done.  When I was a kid the big deal in the state of Alabama was getting Mercedes here, and that kind of legal framework has made all the difference in the world in making Alabama the automotive capital of the country.  Paying a lot of money to bring in retail stores, and move retail stores around.  I’m opposed to that sort of thing, because I think that’s just sort of shuffling the sales tax revenue around.  When it comes to industry recruiting…I’m going to look at any kind of manufacturing that it’s a state that’s not as favorable as ours.  You know, we might just have to start cold calling people and ask have you looked at Alabama, and North Alabama in particular.”

View our entire conversation with Huntsville Mayor Candidate Ken Boyd here in three parts: