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Huntsville writer Homer Hickam is a space guy. He’s a NASA veteran, the board chair for the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, and a member of the NASA Advisory Council.

He says from time to time he’ll have someone say to him they don’t believe we actually went to the moon. In response, he tells those people to come to Huntsville.

“A lot of [people] just worked themselves to death, they smoked themselves to death because they were so totally focused on getting us to the moon. The other place to go is the Huntsville courthouse – look at the divorce record for the 1960s. Families, men, husbands, fathers literally dedicated themselves to get us to the moon. So the proof is right here just in those odd little statistics – how much this city was dedicated to fulfill JFK’s promise to get us to the moon during the decade of the ’60s.”

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