Griffith: Moderates are Gone; Tea Party’s Now a Business

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Griffith stresses he's an Independent now.  He talks more about the political divide in Washington, D.C.

"The moderate conservative Democrat is gone, and the moderate conservative Republican is gone," said Griffith. "We have elected people who have drawn their own districts, they're safe in their districts, so they can do and say anything they want in Congress, regardless of the effect it has on America, and still go back -- still be re-elected."

Griffith was very critical of the ultra conservatives in Congress.

"It's serious right now. And the Tea Party.. now, the Tea Party started out, in my opinion, with a great concept. Let's pay attention to our debt, let's pay our bills, let's get America back on a responsible spending track," Griffith said.  "It morphed into a business. Tea Party's now owned by Rupert Murdoch, the Coke brothers.. multi-billionaires now own the Tea Party."

So, what about the Democrats?  Griffith said they're the same.

"They just have a different jersey on.  They're interchangeable.  "They're like a hard-shell Baptist and a hard-shell Catholic. They're both hard-headed, you can't do anything with them.  They believe what they believe, regardless of the facts. Both sides are in denial," said Griffith.

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