Griffith: Average Voter’s Opinion Doesn’t Matter

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Do you plan to contact your Congressional representative about the problems in Washington?

Parker Griffith is a former one-term Congressman for District 5, which covers most of north Alabama.  He said voters' emails, letters and phone calls don't make a difference.

"They don't. No, they don't.  They know about it."

WHNT News 19's Steve Johnson interrupted him.

"So, you're saying.. if you're in whatever district in the United States, you're saying no Congressman is influenced by what the average person in their district wants them to do?"

Griffith had a candid reply.

"Well, they've drawn the line, Steve, so they know who's in their district as far as 51 percent of the vote is concerned," Griffith said. "You may have 30 percent of a district saying 'compromise, get something done, we're sick and tired of being sick and tired of you bozos in Congress. Get something done.' Well, the Congressman polls. Lo and behold, he says 'my base over here hates Obama so bad, or hates Pelosi so bad, that if I just stick by my guns and tell you to be a fool, I'll still be re-elected.'  And so they ignore the thousands of emails and phone calls, because they know from polling they're safe."

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