Garry Nenninger says Army aviation is a big player at Redstone Arsenal

Leadership Perspectives

Yes, space is huge and so are missiles when you talk about aerospace and defense at Redstone Arsenal and around the community.

You should also know that Army aviation is also a major player at the Arsenal and in the surrounding community.

And the Army Aviation Association of America is helping shape Army aviation. Tennessee Valley Chapter President Garry Nenninger says the organization is right in the middle of everything.

“We have a focus here – it’s an unusual focus – because what we have is the requirement determination folks that prioritize the requirements for education. We have the development community, the testing community, we have the acquisition community, the sustainment community, we have what we call the six-pack – the top six general aviation officers. Of the six, three of them are based here, so it is very, very influential in Army aviation.”

You can watch our full interview with Nenninger below:

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