Director of FBI Hazardous Devices School discusses the importance of certified bomb technicians

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – There are many important agencies located on Redstone Arsenal and one of the most important is the FBI Hazardous Devices School. Terror attacks have been growing in number over the past decade and the terrorist’s weapon of choice is usually an improvised explosive device.  This week Director Jeff Warren stopped by to discuss the importance of bomb technician training in the modern world.

Training to be a certified bomb technician is a difficult and ongoing process.  Jeff Warren says that “Not only do they have to know their stuff in the basic course we teach, but they have to come back every three years to be recertified on those same basic skills because its perishable.  So they not only have to know it when they leave, but they’ve got to be able to sustain it, and maintain those skills once they leave through their regular monthly training.  We check them on that every three years, and make them come back to get recertified to stay a public safety bomb technician in our country.”

View the entire conversation with FBI Hazardous Devices School Director Jeff Warren here in three parts:

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