Dennis Madsen says Huntsville’s growth has been a long-term vision

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You’ve probably heard the prediction – it won’t be too many years before Huntsville is the largest city in Alabama. Certainly we have regular reports of new businesses and agencies coming to town and bringing hundreds, if not thousands of new jobs.

Growth is happening, but it isn’t sneaking up on us.

Dennis Madsen, manager of urban and long-range planning for the City of Huntsville, said the plans for growth have been in the works for years.

“I think what’s important to recognize is we’ve been planning for this for a while, we have really strived not to let growth happen to us but to make sure we can accommodate it in advance. You know ALDOT was presenting to the MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) last week and mentioned we have roughly $350 million worth of road projects in design or currently under construction in Huntsville – in the Huntsville region right now. We’ll probably spend within the decade, close to $1 billion on roads and we’ve been doing it all with the sights set on the idea that we want to develop quality growth and that we don’t grow for growth’s sake.”

You can watch our entire interview with Madsen below:

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