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HUNTSVILLE, Ala —  Dr. Will Boyd of Florence is challenging Mo Brooks for the position of U.S. Representative for 5th Congressional District of Alabama. The Democrat has a past in politics in Illinois, but currently serves as the pastor of St. Mark’s Missionary Baptist Church in Florence. Boyd says he is here to bring change to the county.  He stopped by WHNT News 19 to talk about the election and the difficulty he may face unseating incumbent Mo Brooks on November 8.

Boyd’s experience in politics started after he won a seat on the city council in Greenville, Illinois. From there he went on to run for the US Senate after President Obama vacated the position. Boyd ran as an independent and received support from thousands of people, but was removed from the ballot two months before the election along with many other independent candidates. He believes he is the best candidate for the position because of his background and because he ultimately understands what business owners need.

“Well, believe it or not…if you look at the common positions of people who have gone into Congress…they’ve  been ministers…they’ve been people like myself…they’ve been engineers…they’ve been people who own businesses and of course I’ve been a small business owner in many ways…helped people start their business…but at the same time I have taught people about business…I have helped people understand the roll and importance of growing government…how being part of an economy that works well and is robust …and having served in office already, and understanding what is needed…particularly jobs and getting the economy moving again…what’s required in the health care circles.”

“I believe I am the best candidate…fit for this position to be the representative, for Alabama fifth congressional district. I’ve been from the east side to the west side. I have gone through a set of tires. For the past year and a half I have talked to people., And the common factor is people saying they fear that they are just not able to buy anything anymore…every thing is out of reach. If we look at education alone…its cost has grown by more than 400-percent as the cost of living has grown by a little over 130 or 140 percent. People are getting the feeling that they’re working hard but they can’t even better themselves and get better jobs. As you well know there are millions of jobs out there, but the skill set is so far out, that until we learn how to better train people…readjust them for the changing economy…make sure people understand that as I’m rolling out in 2017, once I get on the floor of Congress dropping in the hopper the 2017 Job Creation and preservation bill. I’m going to put millions of people across the United States back to work, but particularly the people in this district.”

“I believe that being an incumbent becomes a weakness after a time, because people become comfortable. I believe our Congressman went to Washington with the best of intentions. I would salute him for his service and even did so at Oakwood in a forum that he wasn’t able to attend. I want to make it quite clear that we have a choice this time…to keep things the way they were…we have eleven percent poverty in our district in a state that has 900-thousand in poverty. We have unemployment rates that swing from the Lauderdale side where there are four thousand unemployed, to Huntsville where we are now to more than ten thousand unemployed. So you can be an incumbent…but are you in touch with the people? We need someone who can truly have experience like I do. Who has listened to people as a pastor, as a Bishop, as an engineer…as a person who’s life and leadership…I know what people need. And one of the things I keep saying I want to do is work to bring jobs in. As the incumbent, our dear congressman has had the opportunity on many occasions to attract jobs that will cause our economy to get back in motion, and he has not. So we need someone in office who needs to be again…pro business, and at the same time realizes what small businesses struggle with, and the every day blue collar employee needs.”


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