Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling optimistic about city's environmental issues

Leadership Perspectives

All the rain in north Alabama has publicized a problem in Decatur – wastewater overflow from the city’s sewers.

Mayor Tab Bowling said he knew the system was old but didn’t know how bad the problem was.

He also says it will be fixed.

“I believe that Decatur Utilities, their employees live in Decatur as well, they care about our community and they’re going to do what’s best for the community and safety.”

Bowling is also optimistic about the city’s ongoing work with 3M, as they work to investigate chemicals at multiple sites across the city.

“It’s encouraging to know that while we were not having any sessions with 3M for years that now we’re having discussions to try and get these issues resolved. 3M has said, ‘Hey if there are issues, one we’re going to find them and if we find them we will fix them.'”

You can watch our full interview with Mayor Bowling below:

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