Commander of Logistics Support Activity explains their role in the modern Army

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Army Material Command at Redstone Arsenal might not be the largest command in the army, but you could say it’s one the most important because the rest of the Army could not work without it.  One of the most integral parts of the Material Command is LOGSA, the Logistics Support Activity.  This week the Commander of Logistics Support Activity, Col. John Kuenzli stopped by WHNT News 19 to give his perspective on concerns about awareness of LOGSA and developing technology.

“We have a diverse organization in terms of mission, function and responsibilities,” says Col. John Kuenzli.  “We’re not the largest either.  We are very small with respect to Army Materiel Command, about 700 employees, about 650 of those right here at Redstone Arsenal. The remaining, scattered around the world, but we handle logistics information, data and reporting all the way from the lowest soldier, individual piece of equipment across the Army anywhere in the world.”

LOGSA plays an important role.  “We look at Armies in terms of size and strength, and the strength of that Army is based on how far we could project, and how long those forces could sustain themselves,” says Kuenzli.  “Whether you look at Napoleon, or you look at Alexander the Great, or you look at our modern Army today, how big we are, the strength of our Army is how far we could project ourselves anywhere around the world and sustain our equipment.  Our forces measures how great of an Army we are.  Being able to fix that equipment at the lowest cost helps us sustain the effort and the fight around the world.  We build a lot of that right here at Redstone Arsenal.

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