The holidays are generally depicted as a time filled with cheer, but for some, it can be a difficult season.

Patrick Quirk is a clinical psychologist, and he joined Steve Johnson this week on Leadership Perspectives to discuss depression around the holidays and through the winter months, as well as mental health problems social media may cause.

Quirk discusses what can cause mental health issues and depression during the holiday season and what you can do to help yourself through that winter fog of feelings. He also discusses how the colder, darker weather can cause people to stay indoors and lack connection with others.

Quirk advises people who are struggling in the winter to do things for themselves and try to continue their connection with others even if the weather makes you want to ‘cocoon’ and stay cozy at home.

He also discusses how social media can and does affect mental health.

You can listen to Quirk’s full discussion with Steve Johnson in the video above.