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The City of Huntsville is serious about making music a bigger part of the city.

First, there was an audit to find out what citizens wanted, and now there’s a music advisory board – nine members with the job to make the music scene better.

Board members Chuck Rutenberg and DeQn Sue say the project goes beyond new venues and artists.

“I want to bring more music into the schools, the public schools, and for other artists – obviously I’m coming from an artist background,” Sue said. “I think there are a lot of opportunities that could be better for artists in the city and I would love to be part of implementing those changes.”

“The thing that’s really exciting to me about the whole effort – the vision is more an all-encompassing vision for music and the effect it has on the overall population from all aspects,” Rutenberg said. “From music education, to music venues, to support for artists and more availability of resources and coordination.”

You can watch our full interview with Rutenberg and Sue below: