Butler High SGA Vice President discusses an emotional change

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Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) – Nothing is permanent, except change.  That is evident with the recent closing of Butler High School.  A’jada Young was the final SGA Vice President at Butler and will soon be a senior at Johnson High School.  She stopped in to WHNT News 19 this week to tell us what it is like to lose your school.

Emotions are running high about this situation and one of the the most prevalent one is sadness.  “It hasn’t sunk in yet. I would say it will sink in by the time the school year starts. I will get up thinking I’m going to Butler, but I will be going to Johnson instead.  I was sad because I really wanted to walk the stage from Butler High School. I wanted to actually be the last class to graduate from there, but everybody says things happen for a reason.”

Another emotion is anger at the situation.  Young says that, “I’m mad. I’m really angry because they took the time to tell us that we were going to be the last graduating class in 2016. But once we got back to school, ‘oh Butler is going to close this year, and we’re going to go to Johnson, and Johnson is going to close next year.’ That’s kind of confusing because you told me and my grandmother when you came to the meeting, you told everybody in the meeting that Butler would close in 2016, but come to find out it’s going to close in 2015 and Johnson is going to close in 2016. I feel like that isn’t fair. Because basically you lied. You turned around and said ‘oh we’re going to close this year because we want these students to go here, we want these students to go there.’ It’s not going to be fair to the students.”

Watch the rest of our conversation with A’jada in its’ entirety here:

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