Brian Odom says Wernher Von Braun’s plans continue to guide NASA

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It’s not something that was talked about during the recent celebration of the Apollo 11 moon mission.

But at the same time we were going to the moon, engineers and technicians at Marshall Space Flight Center were losing their jobs.

According to NASA historian Brian Odom, some workers thought they would have job security because they thought Marshall would continue developing projects for NASA.

“I think at some level they did, because if you look at what happens with Von Braun and his team – you know in 1970 of that year, Von Braun is going to leave. He goes to Washington, and his role in Washington is going to be the associate administrator for planning. There were still a lot of things in play there: there was the space shuttle which Von Braun had always wanted, routine access to low earth orbit, a space station, and then a future mission to mars and they were close to putting that together. The outline of the plan has always basically guided NASA’s approach to deep space exploration.”

You can watch our full interview with Brian Odom below:

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