Alabama State Senator Tom Butler talks upcoming state legislature

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The Alabama legislature will start it’s 2019 session on Tuesday. New State Senator Tom Butler is like everyone else in Alabama… He’s thinking about the governor’s propsal to raise the state gas tax to provide money for road and bridge construction. When asked about raising the tax, he brought up the growth in Alabama. “In our area, sort of a golden triangle between Decatur, Athens and Huntsville… That area is just mushrooming and I predict in the next 20 years… that will be one solid community right there. We’ve got about 15,000 jobs on the board already approved right now and that equates to about 45,000 people moving in here. We’ve got to do something about our infrastructure, namely roads to relieve the congestion we have, particularly on 565 and highway 72.” Watch the interview with State Senator Tom Butler below. Note: This interview was taped before the governor released details of her bill. Butler also says that another big issue getting immediate attention at the session is prisons. The governor has already proposed building three new ones. The legislature will certainly talk about that, but Senator Butler says the governor might not worry too much about what they say.

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