The newly appointed chairman of the House Ways & Means General Fund committee won’t officially step into his new position until Jan. 10, but he says his work has already begun.

Rex Reynolds is a member of the Alabama House of Representatives representing district 21, who is expected to be officially appointed as chair of the House Ways & Means General Fund committee on Tuesday.

Reynolds was picked to be chair of the committee in November 2022 by Rep. Nathaniel Ledbetter, the GOP Caucus nominee for House Speaker who is expected to be elected to that position during the organizational session on Jan. 10.

Reynolds joins Steve Johnson on Leadership Perspectives to discuss his new position, working with extra funding, state spending, and economic growth and development in Alabama.

He also spoke about his focus over the past few years on mental health and law enforcement, and how his focus will shift to bills dealing with budgets and funding.

Reynolds discussed the possibility of a state lottery and what challenges that issue may face going forward in 2023.

To hear more from Rep. Reynolds’s talk with Steve Johnson, you can watch the entire interview in the media player above.