Alabama House Speaker discusses the possibility of a Special Session

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Alabama Speaker of the House, Rep. Mac McCutcheon and WHNT News 19’s Steve Johnson

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  It’s not fact yet, but it appears there will be a special session for the Alabama legislature to address the problem of the state’s troubled prison system.

This week WHNT News 19’s Steve Johnson spoke with the Alabama Speaker of the House, Representative Mac McCutcheon, about the possibility of a Special Session and if he thought ultimately, new prisons are in Alabama’s future.

“From the standpoint of needing to get a piece of legislation in place, I’m disappointed. From the standpoint of being able to look at all of the issues that we were facing, I’m really pleased that we did not rush something through. Just for the sake of getting it through the session. What happened is Governor Bentley sent us a bill and we addressed that bill and there was a lot of work that went in behind the scenes on that bill,” explained McCutcheon.

“We looked at what they were offering to the House versus what we needed. Many members of the House, they had some different issues. There was the women’s facility, did we want to build a new one or could we repair that one? Corrections officers and their safety, is that going to be part of this? The economic impact to the areas where the facilities would need to be, what was going to happen to the existing facilities? All of these were things that we were talking about and debating and discussing. At the end of the day we finally got a substitute ready that I think we probably could have moved it forward with some amendments on the floor, but we just ran out of time.”

Watch the full conversation with Alabama Speaker of the House, Representative Mac McCutcheon here:

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