Alabama House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels reflects on 2019 session

Leadership Perspectives
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There’s still plenty of conversation about the just finished regular session for the Alabama Legislature.

The biggest topic of conversation – the controversial abortion ban. It passed handily in the Republican majority legislature, but there were opponents, such as House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels.

“Well, I think it’s unfortunate that we were having a session early on where we were trying to do things to help so many people in the state of Alabama, and then we take in an issue that has always been divisive, not just in political ideology, but it’s been divisive in general. I think that one of the most disappointing parts of this was the vote against the amendment to protect rape and incest. I think that’s something that’s going to have tremendous economic impacts long term. I think that’s going to hurt us in being able to attract and retain talent in the state.

You can watch our full interview with Rep. Daniels below: