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(WHNT) – Falling gas prices have made travel easier this holiday season.  This week Clay Ingram of AAA Alabama stopped by WHNT News 19 to discuss how long the current trend will last.

The AAA releases a Fuel Gauge Report daily to show gas prices around the nation.  This tool is pretty useful and as Clay Ingram explains, “We’re very fortunate to have that.  I think we’ll probably see it get a little bit lower between now and February probably before we start going back up in March.  At least that’s our normal trend.  But it just having these prices down in the one nineties or even one seventy nine in some parts of the state, it’s just such a relief.  It unburdens us, all of us that our out there putting gas in our car and you know when your putting forty dollars of gas in your car instead of 60-dollars every time you go to the pump.  It makes a huge difference, and gives us a little relief.  We have more money to spend on groceries and entertainment and going shopping, just anything and everything.  So it’s a big boost for us individually and it’s a big boost for the economy as well.”

Gas prices are still on a downward trend, but how long will that last?  According to Ingram, gas trends in 2016 should stay the same. “I think it’ll be very similar to what we saw this year for 2015.  You know we start out low in January and February, and it starts climbing in March as the weather starts warming up, and out demand goes up.  More people are getting out and about, those bright blue skies come out and the nice weather, and we’re all tired of winter.  So we all get out and go places and so our demand gradually increases throughout the spring.  And when we get to summertime, we’re doing summer vacations and everybody is out and about so our demand rises during the summer, but then it starts tapering off during the fall, and it kind of bottoms out in the winter, and that’s the normal trend.  But typically there are exceptions.  You’ll hit some high points during a low period and vice versa, but I think overall the outlook for next year will be very similar to what we’ve seen in 2015.”

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