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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Kevin Greeson died of a heart attack on the U.S. Capitol grounds following the Stop the Steal rally, before the Capitol was breached, according to Greeson family lawyer, Mark McDaniel.

In the days since, McDaniel says the family has been inundated following the discovery of several social media posts that sometimes threatened violence. Greeson can also be seen holding several guns in one post. Based on the posts, people who didn’t know Greeson wondered what his intentions in D.C. were.

“Because he had a gun and because he backed President Trump, some people are saying we are glad he’s dead. You’d be surprised how many we’ve got like that,” said McDaniel of the comments made about Greeson.

McDaniel says Greeson was never in the fray and was never armed. Citing the independent account of a New York Times reporter who witnessed the events around Greeson’s heart attack.

“The New York Times reporter reached out to her (Greeson’s wife) and told her what happened. There’s a number of people that said or reports that say he had been tased or had a taser. He did not have a taser or any weapon on him at all,” said McDaniel.

The Greeson family is adamant, they don’t believe Kevin Greeson was in D.C. to cause harm. He even checked in with his family in his final moments.

“She was on the phone with him when he actually died. Actually having the heart attack. She thought the phone had went dead. But he was having the heart attack,” said McDaniel.

According to his lawyer, Greeson worked in the steel industry and once supported President Barack Obama. Even going to Obama’s 2009 inauguration.

“He is a strong union person. He liked when President Trump ran for office. He liked the economic policies. As time went on, the economy was going well. He just all out supported President Trump,” said McDaniel.