Lawsuit that would force Decatur to change form of government dismissed


DECATUR, Ala. — A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit that sought to force the city of Decatur to change the way it’s run.

U.S. District Court Judge Abdul Kallon dismissed the lawsuit, citing a change in state law, the city said Wednesday.

In 2010 Decatur voters approved changing to a council-manager form of government, after some expressed the desire to have a dedicated city manager guiding the city. But the city said the change would have violated the Voting Rights Act because it required redistricting that would eliminate the city’s one majority-Black district.

The lawsuit sought to force the city to make the change voters approved.

“The City of Decatur strives and, through this, has defended the rights of the citizens of Decatur to have their voices heard and to continue their representation on the City Council and Decatur City School Board,” the city said in a statement Wednesday. “We want to thank the residents in District 1 who joined the City in this effort.”

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