Lawrence County residents preserving history through cemetery cleanup

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. – A cemetery may seem like an eerie sight to some, but it’s a way to preserve history.

That’s exactly what the Lawrence County History and Preservation Society did Saturday.

Ann Britnell, president of the society, said it’s part of the society’s job.

“That’s part of our duties is to preserve the past so people will have it for the future,” she said.

A member of the next generation was there to help, too.

Treasurer Coty Alred explained getting children to help gets them ready for the future.

“I think that getting little ones out here helps them get ready for their time to shine,” he said.

Little Claire may not know it now, but because of her father’s efforts, she’ll have memories of historic traditions that they say may otherwise be lost.

“I have been raised in the generation where you go to decorate in May and you always take care of the graves, and we’re losing that,” Britnell continued.

This cemetery may be small, but the stories it could tell are many.

“They were people and they do have a story, and they lived here in Lawrence County, and they had a life, and they did things, and we need to remember that,” Britnell added.

So raking leaves and trimming trees is a small amount of time spent, compared to history that goes beyond just one lifetime.

If you are interested in participating in future projects, you can find more of the groups events on their facebook page.

Walking tours of historical sites in Lawrence County are free and begin in April.

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