Lawrence County NAACP secures legal defense team for R.A. Hubbard, hopeful school could stay open

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. – The Lawrence County NAACP has secured a legal defense team to help them going forward in the fight to keep R.A. Hubbard High School open.

Tuesday evening there was yet another community meeting regarding the failing school.

Lawrence County’s District 1 is familiar to having schools shut down. In fact, R.A. Hubbard is the only school left standing in the district.

“If this happens at R.A. Hubbard, happens once again to this community, to District One, it’s just going to hurt our community even more,” said school board representative for district 1, Christine Garner.

The school’s uncertain future has prompted Lawrence County NAACP president J.E. Turnbore to take action.

“This is a good school and we don’t want to see the school closed,” said Turnbore.

Turnbore says the Lawrence County NAACP has secured lawyers from the legal defense fund to help them going forward.

“What they are here for is to guide us legally and help us decide what direction to go in,” said Turnbore.

The thing that’s unclear right now is how and if a desegregation court order in Lawrence County will impact the schools potential closure. Turnbore says it could play a part in keeping the school open.

“We are under a federal discrimination court order so they would have to go before a judge to shut it down,” said Turnbore.

Judging by community turn out at several meetings regarding the future of R.A. Hubbard, it seems that parents want the school to remain open.
Whats still up in the air, is what improvements will be made. Turnbore says they are on top of it.

“After all this is satisfied, then we will petition the school board and the superintendent to convene a group that will come in an assess both schools and look at what is needed,” said Turnbore.

Turnbore feels that once upgrades are made, more students will want to attend R.A. Hubbard.

NAACP leaders say this isn’t over yet. They will be holding more community meetings for parents with students at R.A. Hubbard and the feeder school Hazelwood Elementary.

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