Lawrence County couple loses home for the second time this year


LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. — Relief is still pouring into Town Creek after Monday night’s deadly storms.

For some in the neighborhood along Blue Hollow Road, this is not the first time they’ve lost everything.

According to neighbors, Wayne and Rhonda Lovett are both fighting for their lives at UAB hospital after their home was destroyed Monday night for the second time this year.

In July, their home was lost to a fire.

“They waited months to get a new home, then they got their new home in September,” recalls Mary Nichols, the Lovetts’ next-door neighbor.

And now, just three months later, the Lovetts’ lot is again, without a home.

Nichols recalled the last time she spoke to the Lovetts before the storms hit.

“Rhonda came out and we met on the property line right there, and we were just talking about how pretty it was,” she said.  “We talked about the storm coming, I told them to go in and to take care and be okay. I told her I loved her, we always hug and say we love each other, which we do.”

That was the last time she saw the Lovetts before Nichols and her husband found them later that night. After the storm had passed the Nichols looked out their window to see that the Lovetts’ trailer was gone.

“This is something we have to deal with, losing the people we love, and knowing this happened to them, we just want them to be okay, they’re in my prayers,” Nichols said.

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