Law Enforcement Emphasize Road Safety For New Year’s, Even If You’re Sober

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Most people like to kick off the new year with a bang, and basically no one wants start it off with a bust, including law enforcement.

Alabama State Trooper Curtis Summerville says, “We want to encourage people when you get out, have a good time.  We want you to have a good time, but our main focus is safety.  And that’s going to be a collaborative effort with us, the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, the local police departments.  We’ll get out, and we’ll work together.”

Huntsville Police have already promised us they’ll lock down the streets, looking for drunk drivers. State Troopers say they’ll help.

But they can’t set up checkpoints everywhere.

Even if you’re just out for the fireworks, things can get dangerous on the roads.

Drive extra cautiously, even if you don’t drink while taking in the festivities.

Summerville adds, “We often hear that phrase defensive driving.  We want you to be a proactive driver.  Take into consideration what people might be doing.  The only thing you can account for on the roadway is yourself.”

Even if they don’t light up the night with quite the same festivity, law enforcement officers say they’re not out just for arrests.

Summerville insists, “We’re not out here to just make money off the public.  We want to change behavior.  We want to change the way you think, your attitude about driving.  If we can go the whole holiday period without writing a single ticket and everyone is in compliance with the law, that’s what we want.”

Trooper Summerville strongly recommends looking for somewhere to stay, just to keep out of harm’s way tonight.

If you need to be on the roads, be careful, be aware, be buckled in.

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