Law enforcement around the world hilariously mourn doughnuts lost during fire

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MADISON, Ala. – The Madison Police Department is getting in on a now-international law enforcement fascination with a pastry incident in Lexington, Kentucky.

It all started with a fun tweet from the Lexington Police Department about a Krispy Kreme truck that caught fire.

The police department wrote on social media, “no words,” with a crying emoji as officers mourned the loss of the doughnuts during the fire. The driver was not injured, and the truck is expected to be a total loss.

Since then, law enforcement from around Kentucky, and other states have joined in grief. Tuesday night, Madison Police wrote on Twitter, “We mourn with you.”

Law enforcement from as far away as Ireland have responded to Lexington Police about the incident.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland wrote in response to LPD on Facebook: “The Horror! We may call a Donut a Gravy Ring here in Northern Ireland but we can still understand your pain. Stay strong guys; tough times don’t last, tough cops do. #WeStandWithLPD

The New York Police Department even got in on the fun, tweeting a photo from a chopper:

Let’s hope that these hardworking law enforcement officers get some more of their favorite sugary snack soon. Krispy Kreme jumped into the madness on Twitter Tuesday, hinting that a delivery of doughnuts was on the way to replace those that were lost.

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