FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — In a sign that we are slowly getting through the COVID-19 pandemic, officials in Lauderdale County have opted to get rid of their mobile COVID-19 clinics.

The two RV trailers used as mobile clinics are now for sale.

Danny Pettus, Chairman of the Lauderdale County Commission, told News 19 that these units were very helpful when the pandemic first began because COVID-19 vaccines were not very accessible. Now that COVID-19 vaccines are widely available in pharmacy chains and other medical establishments, the city has no use for the trailers.

“The traffic was backed up on Chisholm and Helton Drive to get to the health department,” Pettus said. “Now it has gotten to where if you want a booster, you can go to about any drug store.”

Pettus later said that the trailers were once used to administer dozens of vaccines every day, but those numbers quickly dropped as the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations went down.

The trailers have been listed for auction on a government surplus website. The auction is set to end on June 9 at 12 p.m.