Lauderdale County EMA updates on road conditions


LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. — Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency officials stated roads were still a mess on Tuesday, even with the sun having peeked out for a few minutes in the morning.

The area is not reaching temperatures high enough to prevent re-freeze of this precipitation, meaning roads could remain hazardous at least through Wednesday morning.

With the temperatures in the teens and no indication of reaching above freezing Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, Lauderdale County EMA Director George Grabryan said we’re not out of the woods yet.

“Of course that is very problematic being at that temperature in general. Couple that with the amount of precipitation we have frozen to the pavement out here. Stopping conditions are not good, starting conditions, a little bit better, but driving is just very treacherous over here,” he said.

He said the advice from county officials still stands: stay off the roads as much as possible, because these icy paths are slowing down first responders, and if you get yourself into trouble, you may be waiting for help longer than usual.

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