Last-minute holiday gifts for $15 or less

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – With just a little more than a week left to shop for your family, friends and coworkers for the holiday, WHNT News 19 is helping you save money with last-minute gift ideas.

We are talking about practical things people will use and maybe didn’t realize they needed. WHNT NEWS 19 scoured the websites of experts who track these things and compile top lists and we put them together for you.

They include ideas from $5 to $15.

Here are some ideas for coworkers from

Coffee mug
Portable travel coffee mug
Hand sanitizer
Hand lotion
Stress-relief candle
Holiday scented candle
A small painting with an inspirational quote or pretty scene
Gift card to a lunch place near work
Potted plant
Bottle of champagne
Reusable water bottle
Gift card to Red Box
Nuts or trail mix
Luggage tags
Picture frame
A fruit basket
Stress-relief ball
Gift card to local coffee shop
Versatile, plain scarf
Ice cream dishes
Stress-relief lotion
Baked goods such as muffins, cookies, bread, a cake, or cupcakes
Dry ingredients for above with your recipe attached to the bag of ingredients
Bottle of wine
Holiday scented hand soap
To go along with the soap, consider holiday themed bath towel for drying hands
Lip balm
Holiday themed candle holder, especially if you’re opting to purchase a candle
A classic board game in travel version such as Scrabble, Scattegories, or Monopoly
Make a little office emergency kit with possible items including cough drops, tissues, pain reducer, a sewing kit, instant coffee, a tea bag, Shout wipes or other portable stain lifter, a lint roller, antibacterial wipes, and a granola bar
A versatile gift card such as Target or Walmart
A fleece blanket
Luggage tags
Popcorn themed gift with kernels to pop, bowls to serve, and various popcorn salts
Office supplies that aren’t already available at your office such as a desk organizer, paper weight, items to clean a keyboard, nice pens, post-its, or any other supplies they would need

Here are some ideas from for inexpensive gifts for kids.

They recommend LEGOS, a pack of cards, craft supplies, a make up bag, softcover books, among other things. All of these ideas are $10 or less. also shares some ideas for useful items that cost $5 or less:

Tea: A box of nice tea can easily be found at a grocery store for under $5. Perfect for winter months, you can find a variety of specialty flavors that make it more gift worthy.

Candy: Unless there are dietary restrictions, it’s a safe bet that most people will happily receive candy as a small gift.

An emergency blanket: An emergency blanket is one of those items you hope to never need to use, but it gives peace of mind knowing it’s there and it costs less than $5. It’s perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who need to prepare for getting stuck outside longer than anticipated. But it’s also great for anyone to put in their car to have in case of an emergency.

A coffee mug: You can never really have too many mugs. Whether a coffee drinker, tea drinker, or hot cocoa, your recipient will get use out of a mug.

A bottle opener: Bottle openers always seem to get misplaced, especially during a busy holiday party season. It’s always nice to have an extra one on hand in case one breaks in the middle of a party or you want to have one for traveling.

Festive socks: For kids or your close friends, buy a pair of festive socks they normally wouldn’t buy for themselves.

Golf tees: Golf can be a pricey hobby, but you can still give golf tees as a super cheap gift for any golf enthusiasts you have in your life.

Nail polish: Perfect for any ladies on your list, buy a bottle of nail polish in a color you think they may not already have. Packages with little mini nail polishes are sold in abundance during the holiday season.

Other cosmetics: Similar to nail polish, there are plenty of gift-worthy cosmetics that women, especially teen age girls, may enjoy receiving. Think hand lotion, items for nail care, body lotion, lip gloss, and more.

Scratch-off ticket: If your recipient is of a legal age, a holiday themed scratch off ticket may be a fun idea. It’s probably not something they often buy for themselves, and of course, they have the potential to win.

Costume jewelry: You can find jewelry for under $5 at various clearance areas of a store. A simple bracelet or ring for under five dollars can easily be found in these locations.

Do you know someone who loves to travel?

Here are a few practical and convenient suggestions:

Compact battery lantern. There are small-sized lanterns that run for up to 15 hours on AAA batteries and will fit into any suitcase or backpack or fit nicely into a car for easy access. Try a luggage scale, wrinkle release spray, a gas card, waterproof case, travel neck pouch, a travel book, a travel mug, wall map, travel surge protector, emergency road assistance kit, travel organization tools.