Landers urges continued COVID-19 safety for youth athletes


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — An Alabama Department of Public Health official warns that vigilance is needed to curb spread of COVID-19 variants spreading among minors playing youth and school sports.

Dr. Karen Landers of ADPH told News 19, while keeping children active during the pandemic is encouraged, mitigation tactics in north Alabama youth sports organizations still need to be followed just as they were enacted almost a year ago.

“I really think that we can do this safely,” Landers said. “I really think that if youth sports continue to follow the mitigation guidance that is published by the CDC as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics, that we can carry out youth sports safely.”

The directors of the CDC and National Institutes of Health have already expressed concern that many organizations might not actually be following through on those procedures as time goes on.

Landers did not get into whether Alabama has seen the rise in COVID variant cases in children but did emphasize that testing is still crucial any time you or a loved one is around others in activities with no masking.

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