ATLANTA (WHNT) — The Atlanta Braves will be without one of their top pitchers in the 2024 season.

Huntsville native Kyle Wright will likely miss the entire 2024 season due to a shoulder injury, Braves manager Brian Snitker announced Saturday.

The Braves left Wright, who was riddled with injuries throughout the 2023 regular season, off the postseason roster ahead of their divisional series against the Philadelphia Phillies.

“Kyle’s not right,” Snitker said. “He had an MRI yesterday and he’s gonna have to have a procedure done in order to get him right. They are going to confer with the doctors and decide exactly what it is. You can tell he wasn’t right the last 3 or 4 outings in the regular season.

While the procedure is still up for Wright to decide, Snitker does not anticipate the right-handed pitcher to be available in 2024.

“I think what they are talking about doing and like I say this is all for him to discuss with the doctors. It’s something looking at it, he’s going to miss next year,” Snitker said.

Wright dominated the 2022 season, winning a National League-leading 21 games. However, 2023 was a different story for the Buckhorn alum, Wright only appeared in nine games posting a 1-3 record and a 6.97 ERA.

“I hate it for him. It’s a tough decision, number one, when you have to tell him he didn’t make the roster but the reason and he said he just wants to get everything taken care of then,” Snitker said. “I hate for the person just cause the kid wants to be out there coming off a year like he did last year. I know it killed him all year not to be out here and it’s hard. There’s something going on and they found it yesterday.”

While Atlanta will have to move forward throughout the remainder of the postseason and next season without Wright, the news of his injury will cause the plan for their 2024 rotation to change.

Atlanta begins the National League Divisional Series with the Phillies on Saturday at 5:07 P.M.