Kraft Mac & Cheese releasing “Breakfast Box”


(CNN) – It’s the cheesiest! And now, it’s for— breakfast?!?

That’s right! It’s a kid’s dream come true, chowing down on a big bowl of mac and cheese to start the day.

And it seems like a lot of kids have been living the dream recently, with 56% of parents telling Kraft they’re serving it up in the morning more now than they have before.

That’s what lockdown life will do for ya it seems.

So Kraft is playing along– they’ve come out with these limited edition boxes with the word breakfast over where dinner usually is.

The boxes will be on sale next year– but if you want one now– you won’t just be feeding *your* kids. You’ll be helping to feed the children.

If you tweet #KMCforbreakfast and #sweepstakes between now and Friday, you’ll be entered to win a breakfast box along with a few other goodies.

And every time the #KMCforbreakfast hashtag is used, Kraft donates 10 boxes of their mac and cheese to feed the children.

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