Kitten dies after being thrown from vehicle, reward offered for information

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HAZEL GREEN, Ala. – A family is taking matters into their own hands to find the person or people they say tossed a kitten from their vehicle.

Sunday morning, June 16, at the Walmart in Hazel Green, Carolyn Thompson was on her way into the store when she heard a commotion in the parking lot near the garden center.

“I heard this lady hollerin’, ‘I hate people I hate people!’ And I thought, ‘Well I’m just going to stay away from her,’ but when I got my buggy and got up to where she was, she was leaned over and there was a kitten in the street,” Thompson said.

She immediately understood why the woman was upset. She’d witnessed the kitten being thrown from the window of a vehicle.

“The kitten tried to move and it couldn’t, it was screamin’, meowing really loud,” Thompson said.

Thompson immediately took the matter into her own hands, dropped her plans for shopping that day, and drove the injured kitten to the emergency vet clinic. It died shortly after they arrived.

Neither she nor the other woman noticed what kind of vehicle had tossed the kitten, because they were focused on the kitten itself.

“If I could do something to stop the pain, that was my priority right then,” Thompson said.

Carolyn’s daughter, Tammy Carol, is offering a reward to anyone who may have witnessed this cruel act and can share information.

A police report has been filed and WHNT News 19 is working to secure video footage of the Walmart parking lot where the incident occurred.

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